Fiberglass Manufacturer

Professional supplier engaged in fiberglass related products

About ZhiQu

Guangzhou Zhiqu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Nansha District, Guangzhou City, with an independent production base and research and development team. Covering a total area of 6000m, it is a professional company engaged in fiberglass related products, including cave exploration projects, archaeological rafting, fiberglass decorations. It integrates research and development, sculpture, production, and sales services, committed to providing one-stop services from planning, design, production, installation, and landing construction.

Why Choose Us


A design team of dozens of people can build and modify 3D models of products for you.


It has several three axis, four axis and five axis foam carving machines and many experienced model workers.


We have over 30 experienced product production workers and polishing teams.


Painters with a very good sense of art spray paint products in our dust-free workshop, some of whom have done paint for Disney.

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